December 2011 Newsletter

December 2011

Hello to my fellow GMMUG Members-

Seasons greetings! I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are going by; Christmas will be here before we know it. There’s still too much to do..

I hope we’ll have a good turnout on Tuesday for our Christmas party. It’s a nice time to do a little less sitting and a bit more socializing, although I will have the club’s laptops at the meeting for informal Q&A. I also hope to hear from all of you concerning program ideas for next year. Might I also encourage you all to consider planning something to share with the group?

A little later in the month, we’ll have a meeting to formalize the schedule for next year; if you don’t have a chance to share an idea for a program on tuesday, please email me your ideas in the next week or so. I’ll have Katy send out an email when the meeting details are ironed out.

Seems like from year to year, there are always certain programs that we can count on having; it felt a little strange doing programs on the AppleTV and the iPad. After all, we are the Mac Users Group. I don’t think we need to change our name to GMAUG, but I do think it will be appropriate to include "iOS" programs too, as well as more on how iOS devices and Macs interact. I certainly think iOS questions are appropriate in our Q&A sessions. Ha ha – it just occurred to me that maybe we need to buy an iPad! Of course, I am kidding, but we’ll just need to be sure to have someone in the group who has the latest and greatest iPad and/or iPhone, and will bring them with them to the meetings.

You know, it’s funny.. At home, I’ve found myself using this iPad for more and more things, and sitting down at my Mac less often. It isn’t hard to believe that the advent of the iPad truly is the beginning of the post-PC era. This is the first time I’ve actually typed something this long on the iPad, and it was nice – the virtual keyboard does take some getting used to..

With Steve Jobs gone, no one knows what the future will bring from Apple, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting. I am looking forward to seeing what Apple might have in store for our TV viewing pleasure – as long as it includes content in some manner too. YouTube, Vimeo, and Netflix are no substitution for cable or satellite content, and old-fashioned as I am, I refuse to support those businesses.

Until the day after tomorrow, take care.