We Can Help

Wondering if you want to join? Come to one of our meetings and see for yourself. We don’t bite, and usually have a laugh or maybe even two, and we try very hard to help each other with any sort of question about all things Macintosh or other devices that Apple creates. 

Why join? Because we’ll do our best to answer your questions and help with just about any sort of topic – from the most basic to even some very advanced. We welcome people of all levels – from beginners to advanced users, but especially those just starting out with their new Apple devices. From desktops to laptops or applications to operating systems – all kinds of topics are covered every time we meet. 

Want to find out how to do something in a Mac application and can’t figure out the manual? We can help. Want to learn how to use the Finder to control what application a file is opened up with and how to change it if it’s not the one you wanted? We can help. We have collectively decades of experience with Apple Macintosh systems and are happy to help each other as much as we can.

And all it costs is the price of a membership – heck you can even ask questions if you’re not a member, but we’ll try and get you to be one if you’re not. The Q&A meeting, held on the second Tuesday of each month, will provide you with opportunities to ask any and all questions about anything Mac related and we’ll do our best to answer them. You’re welcome to bring your laptop, iPad or iPhone if it would be easier to show us the issue then explain it and ask a question.

WOW – What more could you ask for? And all for the ridiculously low price of membership. You can’t even take yourself out to a movie and have a popcorn and beverage for this much, so why not join us and have a laugh or two and learn a little bit more about how to use your Mac?

Current GMMUG Membership Dues

Individual – $15.00/per year
Family – $20.00/per year
Corporate – $30.00/per year

Please make your check out to GMMUG and mail membership dues to (and don’t forget to include your e-mail address on your check):

Mark McKenney
912 Ouray Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501