January 2013 From the Prez

Happy Holidays to all GMMUG members-

I can’t believe how quickly time goes by! Only 3 weeks till Christmas.. I’ve got to find some time in there to do some shopping. The past month and a half have been busy for all things Apple, from the introduction of the iPhone 5 to the iPad mini and revamped Mac line, from Apple’s fiscal 4th quarter results to a new local business that sells and services Apple’s products.

I’ve had the opportunity to touch and hold both and iPhone 5 and an iPad mini, and I can tell you that both devices are amazing. The iPhone 5 is so much lighter than my iPhone 4S, and the attention to detail is beautiful. That is also true of the iPad mini, which I got to check out at Best Buy; it is so light and thin, and so easy to hold in one hand, that I suspect it is going to be as popular as the iPad has been.