September 2012 From the Prez

September 2012

Hi folks:
odel iPhones is quite good; if you’re interested in upgrading, it’s probably a good time to think about trading it in. I’m quite happy with my iPhone 4S for now.
The other big Apple news for the month is the end of the Samsung vs. Apple case in Cali- fornia. Samsung was found to be in violation of several Apple patents, and were ordered to pay more than 1 billion dollars. The jury indicated they believed the infringement was willful, which means the judge could triple the damages. Apple immediately filed to have 8 models taken off the market in the USA, and has since added the Galaxy S3. The judge has scheduled the hearing for early December, which means that even though the trial is over and Samsung is guilty, they will still be selling their stuff through the holiday shopping season. And of course, Samsung will appeal. I just have to say, the wheels of patent justice turn exceedingly slowly given the fast pace of technological change. I really doubt Apple will ever see any justice.
Here’s to keeping it short, Andrew